What is Trustd?

Launched in 2023, Trustd is the first ID and credentials verification app designed specifically for transport and logistics. And it’s going to change everything.

Restoring trust across the industry

Today’s severely fragmented transport and logistics market is an inevitable byproduct of the platform economy. 

With so many different organisations at play, the industry is tricky to navigate, and a lack of secure digital ID opens up the supply chain to risks like fraud, cargo theft, and relationship damage.

An innovative solution

Lyall Cresswell — CEO and Founder of Transport Exchange Group — conceived an innovative solution to this problem. A single, personalised platform where drivers and carriers could be verified, and shippers could check the compliance status of their network.

“Our mission is to harness advanced electronic ID verification technology to provide users with confidence and certainty in all aspects of their business.” 

Lyall Cresswell, Trustd CEO & Founder

The Trustd vision

Used right, Trustd will be the single source of truth for ID and credentials across every organisation in the supply chain. 

When we harness the power of 100% secure digital ID, we equip businesses with the tools they need to know exactly who they’re working with, and level the playing field.

Why? To restore trust, facilitate transparency, and protect our community from the risks of unverified identity.

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