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Share your compliance docs in one click – and always ensure they’re in date

As a driver, you know how it works. You’re required to carry and share a range of licences, insurances, and other compliance documents at all times. They all have their own expiry dates and it’s imperative all remain valid. Forgetting to renew a license can cause you to lapse on your customers’ systems, losing you work! 

When you’re Trustd, you have access to a digital record of all your compliance documents. You can share them in one click. You also get ongoing monitoring and renewal reminders – essential as logistics becomes more complex. 

Take control. Get Trustd 

Demonstrating your status as a trustworthy driver is key to growing your business.

Stop sending your licences and insurances via email. Start work faster. Separate yourself from the crowd. Get Trustd.

Receive automated reminders of upcoming renewals and periodic licence checks to ensure carriers see you as the best in the business.

Here’s how it works

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Create your Trustd profile in minutes and share your verified business identity with your connections.

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Invite them to connect and keep them up to date with your business. Showcase your capabilities. Get Trustd.

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