Verified ID and credentials profiles for drivers & carriers

Take your business to the next level with a verified Trustd profile. Connect with employers and showcase your compliance to maximise your hireability.

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For leading drivers and carriers, it’s hard to set yourselves apart from bad or unreliable actors in the industry. With Trustd, you’ll have a biometrically verified ID profile, which you can share and reuse with different employers in a single click.

What it means to be Trustd

Our check mark signifies credibility and security, establishing you as a professional who takes proactive steps to keep your business compliant. 

As well as a verified ID, your Trustd profile is a central folder for all your relevant credentials and accreditations, proving your qualifications time and again; all you need to do is keep them updated.

What’s in it for you?

Shareable profile

Keep your ID, insurance details and professional credentials in one central profile that can be easily shared and reused with multiple organisations.

High compliance standards

Go above and beyond to demonstrate your commitment to compliance and attract employers with even the highest security standards.

Quick, painless onboarding

Enjoy quick digital onboarding via our efficient know your business process, with minimal back and forth over paperwork and documentation.

Efficient check-ins

Verify each step on your journey with smart check-ins, which confirm ID at every point of loading and unloading.

Automatic reminders

Stay hireable and keep your credentials up to date, with automated notifications when any of your documents or policies are about to expire.

Create your profile and get Trustd

If you’re ready to join the fleet of Trustd drivers and carriers, you can download the Trustd app and sign up for an account today.

Need a hand getting set up? We offer live demos to help you make the most of your profile, just get in touch to book a slot.

Get Trustd

How does Trustd benefit drivers & carriers?

With Trustd, drivers and carriers can keep their ID, insurance and professional credentials all in one central place. A Trustd profile helps drivers and carriers to signal their legitimacy and stay hirable.

How do I sign up for Trustd?

To become a Trustd driver or carrier, just download the app and get started today. From here, you can register for an account, set up your digital ID and begin uploading all your relevant credentials – then submit your profile for review. 

How much does it cost?

Drivers and carriers are invited to join Trustd networks completely free but can opt in to upgrade their Trustd status with enhanced compliance checks.

How long does it take to become Trustd?

If you have all of the required information to hand, the automated onboarding process can be completed within as little as 10 minutes.

What documents do I need?

To create your Trustd profile and get verified, you need access to the following documents: 

Driving licence

Goods in transit insurance

Vehicle insurance

Certificate of Incorporation and VAT certificate if incorporated

Operator licence if applicable

Proof of address

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