Remove the hidden risk from your supply chain

In logistics, you continuously hand freight over to unknown suppliers. You run your own checks. But they’re easy to game.  

Eliminate the issue with Trustd Identity Solutions. With Trustd, you know exactly who’s carrying your freight at all times. 

Trustd gives transport carriers a new level of confidence. With Trustd, you know exactly who you’re working with. Right now, do you? 

Reduce risk and focus on what you do best

On a daily basis you rely on a network of connections to pull the rabbit out of the hat for your customers. And whether it’s an owner driver on a regular daily run or an artic from one of your subcontractors, your network represents you. 

That makes verifying subcontractor compliance documents – from insurance and driver details to LTD status and bank details – essential. If the worst should happen, carriers face severe legal and reputational consequences. 

Cover yourself and your customers, secure your supply chain and save time in the process. Let us take care of the details. Get Trustd. 

Never miss a new business opportunity and maximise the value of your network 

Don’t miss a single opportunity by ensuring you’ve always got access to a consistent supply of compliant subcontractors, no matter how busy you become. With Trustd, you don’t need to spend hours vetting and onboarding new subcontractors.

Single dashboard for all activity

With Trustd you can monitor the compliance status of all your subcontractors in a single dashboard.

Better still, Trustd proactively checks subcontractor compliance docs on an ongoing basis – and you receive timely notifications of any imminent risks.

Ready to get Trustd?