Collaborate with confidence. 

With Trustd for transport and logistics, you always know who you’re working with, and you can always trust who you’re working with. 

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Create a secure, reliable network of suppliers and subcontractors to generate more business. 

Here’s how it works

Within your network, Trustd helps you know and trust exactly who you’re working with. Biometrics and facial recognition tech verify partners’ identities. Meanwhile, Trustd API calls monitor partner compliance states continuously, automating manual checks and giving you ongoing peace of mind. 

Strengthen the connections you rely on, automate manual checks and de-risk your supply network. Get Trustd. 

De-risk your supply network

Strengthen connections

Save your team time chasing suppliers for documents allowing you to redeploy productive resource

Reduce compliance risk

Ensure your supplier network operate at the highest professional standards

Enhance monitoring

Keep on top of your supply networks compliance status with proactive monitoring

Protect your reputation

Protect your brand from the risk of bad actors infiltrating your network

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