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Minimise risk and maximise security with Trustd: the business ID and credentials app that’s revolutionising authentication in the transport and logistics ecosystem.

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The market’s first digital ID and credentials verification app

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Our innovative solution offers a shareable, verified ID and credentials profile for drivers, while shippers get complete and constant visibility of network compliance via their own personal dashboard. 

Purpose built for a hyper-complex market, our unique approach to digital ID verification benefits every organisation in the supply chain.

The platform economy problem

In this notoriously fragmented market — where transparency is elusive — the majority of shippers often don’t know who’s carrying their freight, entering their premises, or even driving their vehicles.

And without any uniform standards of ID verification, trust is breaking down while security threats are left to thrive. Until now.

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Protect your organisation

Join Trustd to distinguish yourself from bad actors and protect your business from fraud, theft and reputational damage.

Expand your network

Connect with new drivers and carriers, and bolster relationships with controlled access to ID and credentials documentation.

Minimise risks

Ensure cargo is released into the right hands at every stage, with our smart check-in feature powered by facial ID.

Enhance monitoring

Be alerted well in advance of document expiry, with perpetual know your business checks that notify drivers and shippers when renewals are needed.

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