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Trustd is a single solution with the power to unite the industry, but we offer several products designed to benefit each facet of the freight community.

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Verified digital business ID

Do you know who you’re working with, really? As supplier networks get increasingly complex, and regulatory goalposts continue to shift, a verifiable digital ID is more important than ever.  

Available to all drivers and carriers, a Trustd profile functions as proof of ID and compliance for employers. It also provides a central place for your vehicle information, operator licence and any other relevant credentials.

Key features

Accurate ID verification which pulls data from central databases like the DVLA, MOT and Companies House.

Real-time authentication allows shippers to ensure the correct loads are being accepted and released to the right drivers and carriers, every time.

Automatic reminders prompted by perpetual know your business checks, which generate automated notifications if documents are due to expire.

Reusable digital ID profile which can easily be shared with shippers and 3PLs to signify legitimacy and compliance.

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Network compliance

Eliminate the weak spots in your supplier network with Trustd network compliance. This ground-breaking solution gives shippers and 3PLs 365-degree visibility of driver and carrier compliance, with data verified by our advanced API. 

But as well as minimising risk, Trustd network compliance also streamlines relationship management, with speedy electronic onboarding for new contacts thanks to our biometric ID process.

Key features

Streamlined onboarding with our efficient EIDV tech, which provides a clear pass or fail result for ID authentication.

Constant status visibility means shippers and 3PLs never unknowingly risk working with a non-compliant supplier.

Simplified network management provided by the central dashboard, where all contacts can be viewed.

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Chain of custody

With both verified digital business ID and network compliance, you can also access chain of custody. This sophisticated check-in system verifies the driver and the location of cargo in transit, at every point of physical consignment. 

We use advanced 3D face mapping technology to ensure each shipment is in custody of the right driver, while shippers are instantly notified of any unusual activity.

Key features

Reliable biometric ID verifies the driver moving your freight with facial recognition software.

Real-time cargo updates are provided at every point of loading and unloading, showing where your freight is on its journey.   

Minimise risks like cargo fraud, theft and relationship damage with a 100% secure chain of custody.

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