Work with professionals, not fraudsters 

In logistics, identity fraud causes issues. Not knowing who you’re working with can lead to cargo theft, financial and legal trouble, and PR disasters. With Trustd, you have access to – and visibility of – a network of compliant, professional, verified businesses.  

How it Works

Create your Trustd network

Join Trustd. Build a network of verified and compliant Trustd partners. Know – at all times – who’s carrying your load. And always trust your business partners.

Never miss a business opportunity

With Trustd’s proactive monitoring and renewal notifications, you always have a sufficient supply of compliant carriers.

Enhanced Security for your Customers

Provide your customers with an additional layer of security. Trustd digital business identity solutions guarantee those who collect and drop-off your goods are 100% authorised to do so.

Build it. Trust it.

Create your profile and verify your professional credentials

Invite and share your Trustd profile with businesses you work with

De-risk your business using Trustd partners and real-time identity authentication