Trustd stars on Digital Supply Chain Podcast

This month, our CEO and founder Lyall Cresswell was invited to appear on the Digital Supply Chain podcast with Tom Rafferty. If you haven’t listened to Rafferty’s podcast before – he’s known for platforming thought-leaders in the transport and logistics space – and featuring topical subjects including everything from supply chain design, planning, manufacturing, production, delivery, all the way through to product operation and service.

Naturally, the topic of conversation centred around the transformative role of digital identification within logistics and supply chain management.

Lyall and Tom discussed:

– How Trustd came into being, and the problem it was created to solve.

– The platformisation of the transport and logistics industry, and the side effects of this.

– The vital role that digital identity has to play in the security of the logistical industry.

– How central Trustd will be in the restoration of transparency and trust between entities.

Listen to the whole episode to hear more about Trustd’s revolutionary contribution to supply chain security.