Trustd goes international at Expedite Expo, Fort Wayne

In a run of exciting summer events, Trustd recently flew to The States for Expedite Expo — America’s largest expedited trucking exhibition. This massive event saw professionals from all over North America gather for a unique learning and networking opportunity, including truckers, carriers, owner operators and more. 

Meeting the expedited trucking community 

For expedited truckers especially, Trustd’s verified digital business ID product will be ground-breaking. In a sector of the freight industry that deals with rush orders, security measures like identification are often thrown aside to keep up with the demands of the just-in-time supply chain.

So it was all the more valuable for us to meet the expedited trucking community, and spread the word about our electronic ID verification tech, and our mobile app.  

We were super excited to take Trustd’s offering overseas, especially to a country where forms of cargo fraud like double-brokering are so prevalent, where our solution will be a total game-changer when it’s widely adopted. 

Solving the question of identity for businesses 

As well as presenting a brilliant networking opportunity, we also had the chance to give a talk on Trustd’s offering, and the increasing need to solve the question of digital identity for businesses in transport and logistics. 

Trustd CEO and Founder Lyall Cresswell held an engaging session alongside our Commercial Director Siofra Neary, highlighting spiking cargo fraud rates in the US and the globally shifting approach to digital ID. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the clear benefits of a Trustd ID profile, and take the audience through a demo of our check-in feature, which provides complete visibility of who’s on site or collecting a load. 

Check out our solutions page for more information on how this works, or reach out to request a product catalogue. 

Didn’t get the chance to ask about our solutions? Whether you’re an expedited trucker, a carrier or a shipper, get in touch to send an enquiry or book a demo today, and we’ll get back to you!