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Streamline onboarding

Onboarding drivers, couriers or any new supplier manually is cumbersome, expensive and time consuming.

Trustd’s automated compliance checks replace labour-intensive manual checks. Suppliers upload their own documents to Trustd. Trustd’s technologies – which include biometrics and facial recognition – verify key documents for you.

Manual onboarding becomes automated and fast. And you get final approval.

Monitor and maintain compliance

Trustd stores supplier documentation, and continuously monitors their compliance.

Alerts notify stakeholders of action points and upcoming document expiration dates. API calls check DVLA, MOT and other databases in near real-time. Your business maintains compliance automatically, on an ongoing basis.

Fully automated

Intuitive status visibility

Immediate feedback

Proactive compliance monitoring

The core data set that you are able to capture includes

Driving licence information

Proof of address

Vehicle information including MOT (where relevant) and photos

Director checks (for Limited companies), CRN and VAT number

Operator licence

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