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Problematic checks

Supplier networks are increasingly complex. Regulation is increasingly thorough. Proactively monitoring supplier compliance has never been more important.

Meanwhile, manually monitoring compliance is onerous. Licences, insurances and endorsements all expire sporadically, making it close to impossible to keep up.

Proactive compliance

Trustd is your early warning system for supplier compliance.

It alerts you and your drivers of upcoming action points and expiration dates. API calls regularly check DVLA, MOT and other databases for changes too. With Trustd, there’s no need to manually monitor network compliance. Trustd ensures you and your connections are always on top, no matter how big your network might be.

Fully automated

Intuitive status visibility

Immediate feedback

Proactive compliance monitoring

Core data capture includes:

Driving licence information

Proof of address

Vehicle information including MOT (where relevant) and photos

Director checks (for Limited companies), CRN and VAT number

Operator licence

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