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No two businesses are the same. You might run a small fleet of cars and vans, you might be responsible for a large fleet of HGVs. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Whether you’re a first-timer to the role or an experienced transport manager, we make the job straightforward. No more sleepless nights worrying about compliance. No more time wasted chasing paperwork.

Use cases

Onboarding and monitoring suppliers

Onboarding new suppliers is cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. Trustd’s automated compliance checks replace manual verification, getting you more suppliers onboarded, fast.

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Securing high risk shipments using biometric technology

When the stakes are high, trust is critical. Stay two steps ahead with the latest biometric technology. Trustd validates key transactions on the fly, keeping your network and your shipments secure.

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Maintaining compliance across supplier networks

Time passes, licenses expire and outdated information forever threatens your business’ reputation. Trustd notifies you when your connections’ circumstances change, keeping your network completely compliant.

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