Compliance in one simple platform

End-to-end compliance in a single platform

Trustd allows your suppliers to self-serve, upload, manage, and share all relevant documents, including licences, insurances, and work permits, via Trustd’s automated compliance software. Automating your onboarding process, ensures all documents and terms are recorded and auditable.

Empower the workforce to take control of their own onboarding journey
Free up productive resources within compliance teams
Limit risk exposure by reducing human error

Trust, especially in businesses, is essential.

Verifying users’ identities protects businesses from fraudsters and ensures their user base is genuine. Moving operations online requires a secure environment for both the client and the company.

Trustd’s automated expiry notifications support individuals to keep ahead of their compliance requirements and will notify businesses if an employee’s status has changed.

The Verification process

Remote identity verification is very intuitive and allows customers to easily complete the requirements for both KYC and KYB.

Applicants can verify themselves from anywhere in the world. Various factors influence the speed of the process and customer satisfaction.

A stable internet connection, computer with a good quality camera and having all documents ready before starting the process will significantly speed it up and allow you to complete all steps in a few minutes.

Why Verification by Trustd?

Trustd is putting an emphasis on emerging and forward-thinking technologies, including biometrics and identity management.

This includes activities like face-matching using selfies, data extraction from documents, liveness detection, auto-checking watchlists, and automatic scanning for fraudulent documents.

Integrations with DVLA and other entities, to ensure any compliance paperwork submitted truly belongs to the individual or business you intend to work with.

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