Compliance in one simple platform

End-to-end compliance in a single platform

Trustd allows your suppliers to self-serve, upload, manage, and share all relevant documents, including licences, insurances, and work permits, via Trustd’s automated compliance software. Automating your onboarding process, ensures all documents and terms are recorded and auditable.

Empower the workforce to take control of their own onboarding journey
Free up productive resources within compliance teams
Limit risk exposure by reducing human error

Step 1

Request users to upload their documents

Step 2

Documents can be updated on desktop or mobile

Step 3

The user is informed of any errors or ommissions immediately

Step 4

Details and documentation verified

Easy-to-use platform

Monitor, validate and ensure all compliance standards are managed
Have a 360 view of driver profiles
Search for a particular haulier or profile
View all drivers’ profile statuses to identify if they are still compliant

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